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June 2014 Product Update

This month in Google Analytics: a recap of the annual Google Analytics Summit, revamped Ecommerce reports, new integration of GA Premium and DoubleClick, tips on using our APIs and an intro to A/B testing for apps.

New Features
Google Analytics Summit 2014: What’s new for Analytics
A cheerful crowd of Google Analytics Certified Partners, Premium customers and developers joined us in May for our annual summit. We shared new features and some surprises on the horizon for Analytics. If you couldn’t make it, we’ve posted an overview of all the key topics, from new custom tables to Unified Channel Groupings. Read all about it.
Better data and better decisions with Enhanced Ecommerce
Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics has launched in beta! It’s a complete revamp of our ecommerce analytics, designed to provide richer insights into shoppers’ pre-purchase behaviour and your own product performance. It includes tracking code updates (with full support for Google Tag Manager), data model changes and much more. Learn more.
Google Analytics Premium integrates with DoubleClick Digital Marketing
Top marketers rely on DoubleClick Digital Marketing to run sophisticated cross-channel ad campaigns that reach their customers every step of the way. Now this powerful platform is integrated with Google Analytics Premium to give users even better ways to see the full customer journey, so they can make the most of their marketing pounds across all channels and devices. Learn more.
Tips and Best Practices
Intro To Analytics APIs
Have you tried Analytics APIs? Google Analytics Certified Partner LunaMetrics has an intro for those who are new, with tips on how to use them to gain better insights. Learn more.
Learn About A/B Testing for Mobile Apps
Content Experiments, the new feature for mobile apps, is great news for any app developer. You can test, iterate and optimise in ways that just haven’t been possible before. Learn more.
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